Bonafont. Ligeras y juntas, podemos

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Bonafont. Ligeras y juntas, podemos


CAMPAIGN: Ligeras y juntas. Podemos.

CHALLENGE: Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rates of inequality and gender violence. Bonafont has always worked to change this reality, to end gender violence, and to continue supporting women to fulfill their dreams.

IDEA: At a time full of social movements emerging in the world, such as “Me too”, Female Empowerment, and “Sorority”. We bet on them and made them the brand’s commitment at the center of its actions. The campaign “Ligeras y juntas, podemos” invites all women to unite and fight for their rights.

ROLE: Art direction and concept development.


Imagen_IG_Story_Naca_3 1

CAMPAIGN: Ligera, puedes.

CHALLENGE: Bonafont has positioned itself as a brand that supports women. As a result, men feel distanced from the brand. The challenge was to bring the male audience closer to the brand.

IDEA: Create a campaign that supports and encourages women to keep fighting for their rights, keep growing and celebrate their triumphs. Not from an extreme feminist point of view, not portraying a gender struggle, but looking for a balance in the relationships with the men around them to build together the here and now and have a better future.

Bonafont_LigeraPuedes 1

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