Bonafont. Ligeras y juntas. Podemos

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Bonafont. Ligeras y juntas. Podemos

Bonafont Campaign 2020

Ligeras y Juntas Podemos

Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rates of gender inequality and violence. Bonafont has always worked to change this reality, turning sisterhood and woman empowerment into the commitment of the brand as the center of its actions.

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The annual Carrera Bonafont held across 4 Mexican cities.

This year, a record-breaking 70,000 runners rallied behind Bonafont’s 2020 Manifest action in the fight for a Mexico free of violence against women.

The race also served as a platform to vote for action against female violence in which 1,5 million people took part.

Carrera Bonafont online

During lockdown, calls of domestic abuse rised 80% Bonafont created the first online Bonafont race, against female violence.

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